Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Year

(and then some)

So I noticed that I've been running the blog since last September.  I missed my own birthday!

This post is a short one, because for once I don't have a lot to say.  I'm happy people read it.  I'm gratified that this blog has a positive impact on people.  It makes me happy to know that the things I find interesting are of value and interest to others.  Some of you have stuck around since the beginning, and that amazes me too.  The blog went from getting 100 views per month (including my own) to a total of thirty-seven thousand.  To me, that's insane.

I'm going to strive to improve my writing ability and the quality of my ideas.  I plan to start over, in a sense; I plan to go back over my old posts and rethink many of them to see which ideas have held up and which ones haven't.  I want to make this blog better in as many ways as I can.

Thanks again everybody.


  1. Hey Wobbles, I'm a smasher from the UK, and my fellow competitors and I really enjoy your blog! Sharing your ideas and insights not just in the video gaming scene but outside it is captivating to say the least, and really helps to build some good perspective.
    Cannot wait for the ensuing posts, needless to say you're doing great :)

  2. I love the things you write about, man! My life has been enlightened by your thoughts and I really appreciate it <3