Friday, January 24, 2014

Speaking of Feedback...

Today’s blog post is actually a bunch of questions.

In the spirit of this week’s earlier post about feedback, I am interested in receiving more so I know what else to do with this thing. So if you want to help me increase the amount of value that I give people through this blog, just answer the following questions in a comment somewhere that I may read it. You don’t need to register to post a comment, and if you want to answer via Twitter or FB comments, that’s fine too.

1) What are your favorite kinds of posts? Do you prefer ones about emotion? Cognition? Game design? Competitive philosophy? Write-ups and summaries of various events and experiences that I attend or watch? Which of these draw your interest the most?

2) What kinds of special articles and posts would interest you most in the future? Interviews? User-generated questions and topics? Recommendations for further reading and watching?

3) If I added extra stuff beyond posts and articles, what would interest you most?  Videos and Vlogs? Longer works in the form of .pdfs and e-books? Tiny posts that refer you to other neat stuff?

4) If I changed the update schedule in the future, would you want content that is more polished with fewer updates, or more stuff in the form of tiny blurbs? Do you want to see updates randomly throughout the week, or keep the schedule (mostly) fixed, the way it is now?

5) In general, do you feel like average post length and depth should increase, decrease, or stay at its current variable rate?

Thanks in advance friends. People have kept reading this far, and I want to thank you by making the blog more and more interesting and useful. Comment wherever you like, I’ll be sure to read them all. Take care, and see you next week.


  1. IMHO...A combination of shorter posts with more graphics -people love graphics... especially sarcastic or funny ones that relate to what you're talking about. In fact, you don't even have to shorten your posts so long as they have interesting visuals to break up the long paragraphs of text. But in general, unless the text is SUPER engaging, people have short attention spans on the internet (which is sad but true) and web blogs almost always need some visuals (graphics/videos) to break up having to *sigh* actually read things. :) - Great that you asked for feedback! I like the topics so far too. :) Keep it up! ^_^

  2. I like the current format just fine, I think the longer posts are more suited to talking about things like overcoming nerves, pressure and so forth. I like the posts about competitive mindset, emotions etc as opposed to posts on game design, but I'll read them all either way. I love the current schedule and format just the way it is although I think vlogs and write-ups of events would be a pretty neat feature. Just my 2 cents :D

  3. 1. Whatever you feel most inspired to discuss will be the most interesting.
    2-4. I come to this blog to read your words. If you get inspired by something else you've found, no objections to you discussing that, but your take on it is really what I like to see. Videos could be extremely cool, maybe breaking down concepts you discuss in the blog in the context of actual situations. If you were to go to more polished content, I'd be fine with longer intervals in between, though a little blurb or two in between big posts would be cool, even if just to hype up the next project.
    5. The post length is as long as it should be. I wouldn't recommend going considerably longer, and shorter posts would be fine if that's all you feel you have to say on a subject.

  4. I don't have a particular preference towards the content in posts. Truth be told I've enjoyed reading each and every post made here. Regardless of the topic I find myself having discussions with my friends on them it seems.
    I think as long as the topic inspires discussion that relates to competitive gaming than it's fair game.
    Interviews would be lovely to read! As would any suggestions for further reading and/or videos to watch that pertain to the topics at hand. I think this blog should keep to its current structure on the large, but if there's ever anything extra you think is worth posting than absolutely do so!
    I don't mind what the schedule of content release is, as long as the quality is there. If you have to slow things down to make it as good as you can make it, so be it.

  5. 1) As far as the content of the posts go, I have to echo the opinion that you should write about whatever you're inspired to discuss. Personally though, I love when you discuss applying meditation/mindfulness. For example, the steps you walk through in your Mental Real-Estate post.
    2) Yes, yes, and yes. I can't really think of any suggestions. But whenever you have an idea, ask for feedback just like you did here!
    3) Videos and Vlogs would be really cool if you think you could get more out of a topic by talking about it instead of in blog format. Visuals to help break down a concept or explain a real world application would also be really cool, especially if it's more abstract of a concept. .pdfs and e-books would be interesting if used for an idea that you'd really like to go in-depth on, like an alternative to multi-part posts. Sources of further info would be fantastic for us to delve deeper. I couldn't recommend that any more if I tried.
    4) I like the fixed schedule as is, but I wouldn't be opposed to you taking more time on a big piece or doing a bunch of blurbs in a shorter amount of time. Whatever fits the content.
    5) Same as above. I like how it is, but do whatever it is that you feel best fits the topic.

    Sorry for the lengthiness of this reply! But thank you for writing, Rob. I really love taking the time to read what you have to say.

  6. 1) all of the above is great, but I really love it when you draw on your past experience to put things into context. Also wouldn't mind hearing about the little anecdotes along the way!

    2) Interviews and Q&A interest me the most. Doesn't have to be super game focused, either! I actually really live the ultrachen Tuesday show commentary on current events kind of thing, especially since I'm not really aware of the smash goings-on.

    3) Posts pretty much do it for me. Maybe twitter style updates?

    4) I guess the twitter thing means I want more updates, even if they aren't as long. I think your articles are maybe too long, sometimes.

    5) anticipating those questions like a boss

    Thanks for making this community more interesting!

  7. 1) I really like your game design posts, but to be honest, anything that catches your attention seems to be interesting.

    2) I can't actually say, so no opinion.

    3) pdf's and ebooks would do it. I'd like the longer stuff.

    4) I really like the fixed schedule right now. The length also is pretty good.

    5) Great length. Keep it as is, or so I think.

  8. 1) Competitive philosophy is good. Summaries of events sound interesting.

    2) I think interviews would be interesting. Some stuff more focused on melee and not just competition in general might be cool now and then.

    3) It seems fine as is, but tiny updates or videos could be cool.

    4-5) Good as is.

  9. 1) I actually pretty much enjoy every post on your blog!
    Let me expand on that: I read this blog because I'm interested in improving as a competitor. I also enjoy learning more about the things I do and to be able to share in words why I do them to others (also to promote competition), and I feel you make things clearer than I am able to. I have found pretty much every post I've read so far (I'm still in the early 2013s) helpful and applicable, not just in competition, but in life. So I can't pick just 1 topic, cause there are many aspects of competition (and life! D=) to talk about. I think what you are doing now is good!

    2) I think interviews would be fun, and in particular, reading some stories of perhaps how competition has affected people. How people overcame certain obstacles. What were those obstacles? Yeah idk, I just think it's nice to read about people I can relate to.

    3) Meh, when I come to this site, I expect to read. So I'm totally fine with just reading.

    4) Not caught up yet with every post, so no opinion.

    5) However long you think necessary to discuss a topic! I trust your judgement!

    6!) Keep it up! Love this blog!

  10. 1. I feel like all your posts are great. I personally love any post where I can learn and treasure. So far, this has been most posts.

    I don't really have answers to the other questions. I don't follow the blog religiously, but I enjoy and value every post.