Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Question, March 24

Hello friends. New Monday, new question.

Do you (or did you, in the past) want to be the best at your game?

That simple. See you tomorrow.


  1. When I first started playing melee in 2001, I thought I could be the best. For several years, once I realized I couldn't be 'the best,' I stopped playing to improve, but now that I have people that have gotten better than me, I have begun to want to get better, even if I doubt my chances at being the best.

    I don't believe in investing time into an activity if I'm not always trying to win/improve.

  2. I kinda wanted to. When I started playing it was more like "I should see how far I can take this, I could be really good or even the best". I never had very serious thoughts of being that good though, especially after playing for a couple of years and getting a feel for where I stand.

  3. yeah I did, I always knew that it was extremely unrealistic, but I never really felt that I would be satisfied unless I was the best. At times I still want to even though I'm extremely out of shape at my own game and I don't even really enjoy it anymore. I tend to want to be the best at any game I feel competitive about.

  4. I still think I want to be the best at melee, people don't believe me all the time. My results say otherwise and my play needs tons of work in every area. But I wanna keep going, the thought of saying that I am the best and it meaning that is an idea that is just too tempting.


  5. Not really, im not thinking to get that far. In reality, i wanna be one of the bests, not the best.