Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Question: March 3, 2014

Today's question is simple:

What was the first video game you ever entered a tournament for?

Feel free to elaborate with a story, I'd enjoy reading them. See you tomorrow.


  1. SSBM. I was actually just sort of showing up for funsies, when I went to a tournament place out in Mesa where I met the Phoenix SSBM group, especially Team Win. I probably had the best time of my life hanging out with everyone there.

  2. Pokemon. They had those events at the mall. Where you had to 3 people and got a drawing to play the employees for prizes. I won my 3 but didn't win the drawing. :(

  3. One of Connor's House Tournaments, I got 7th at that tournament out of 40 :)

    Usually people have horrible first tournament experiences, but I started off strong because no one knew the Ganon match-up.

  4. Although they aren't video games, I started going to YGO tourneys when I was in 4th grade, and although I wasn't very good (or rich), I went to the card shop every week (or every other week) for a while until I stopped playing. Additionally, when I was in 6th grade, I started playing Duel Masters and going to card-shop tourneys for that too, and I actually won one (by a ridiculous stroke of luck, but I still beat the best player there).

    The first VIDEO GAME I ever entered a tourney for was Pump it Up, the arcade dance game.

    And if that doesn't count, the first sit-down video game I ever entered a tourney for was Melee, and I met you at my first one :D

  5. Yu-Gi-Oh at a card-shop tournament in what had to be 4th or 5th grade. They forced one of my most useless cards to be taken out because it had a Japanese symbol on the back of the card, although the front was in English, and then one guy convinced the TO that Dark Hole totally doesn't work on Blue-Eyes White Dragon because it has wings so it can just fly out.

    It's fine logic except that such an exception doesn't exist in any rulebook I've ever read for the game, nor does it say on either the trap card "This does not affect monsters with wings lol" or the monster card "This cannot be affected by pussy trap cards like Dark Hole."

    For video games, a sort of in-house Brawl tournament with a bunch of marching band kids one weekend where we didn't have a band competition. I was the second best of my four brothers, so I was expecting some great things, and as per usual for a first timer, got destroyed. Hard.

  6. I entered various Doom II tournaments in middle school, through the online port Skulltag. DM, Team DM, probably some CTF too. Good times they were

  7. I don't know if this counts but when i was 8, blockbuster was having this NBA jam tournament (shoutouts to segagenesis) where you'd compete against the cpu, everyone vsing the same team, and you try to win by the largest point margin. I forced my dad to take me on a Saturday morning at like 10 am where i proceeded to lose to the computer by 40 points. :D

  8. The first tournament I went to was actually one I ran. When I was a kid I held a silly Pokemon tournament with some friends. I tried to convince them there should be an entry fee, but they weren't interested. So I saved up for a few weeks to get 20-something bucks as a prize for 1st. I came in second or third, but we were all pretty awful. Fun times.

    The first real one I went to was a Melee tournament. It was a medium sized local two+ hours away (I didn't realize there were closer ones!) in someone's basement. I remember being really impressed that someone waveshined me, and that everyone could consistently L-cancel. I went 0 and 2 of course. Funnily enough, I still think I'd lose to those 2 people, but the seeding along with the recent influx of new players lately means I wouldn't reach them for several matches.

  9. First tournament I went to was for Starcraft 2. It was one held at my college, I think the bracket was like ~25 people or something. I remember playing against my friends and being really nervous. I wasn't very good compared to most of the players at my college so I really wanted to do well and show that I could play for us in the leagues (I was a backup player at the time). It was my first lan though, so I didn't understand that you're supposed to bring an ethernet cord to tournaments that have hundreds of people using the wifi and on top of that I didn't know that my laptop was set in power saver mode so I had no idea why I was lagging. I blew a couple really big leads and then got ridiculously flustered. I started choking really hard and I think I lost like 4 straight games to get knocked out of the tournament. I was pretty embarrassed so I just left immediately after losing. It didn't help that I had/have really high expectations, so even though I didn't place terribly I was still really upset.