Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Question, April 21

What is your biggest source of inspiration when competing?


  1. Myself! :P
    As cool as I think it would be to live in an anime where I'm competing to live out my late brother's dream of being a champion, my reasons for competition revolve around myself. Also, I can't quite pick just one thing, so I decided to make my answer as broad and general as "myself."
    I compete because I want to prove to myself that I can perform at a certain level. I enjoy the thrill and anxiety I get when the possibility of not performing at the level comes to mind. I like how I can learn more about myself when new and unfamiliar challenges are presented to me. I guess to sum it all up, my biggest source of inspiration are the things that competition makes me self-impose on myself.

  2. the thrill of matching myself against other people and trying to be the best. Even though it's far from realistic I still draw inspiration from wanting to be top dog, and from wanting to prove myself. I kind of view a 1v1 as me vs them, not just in game but out of it as well. It sounds kind of dumb as I'm typing it, but the idea of one individual dueling against other, will vs will is really exciting for me. Sorry for late answer to the question, but I think it's a really interesting question that I wanted to answer.